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Lingerie (194)

Our Lingerie department plays host to a mixture of elegant and lusty items. Whether your customers are purchasing for a steamy evening or just something to relax in, our range meets their demand.

Our hand-crafted bra and panty sets are a perfect gift or a special occasion item and target both male and female clientele. Sexy dress-up outfits are an eternal favorite amongst the masses, ideal for cheeky fun or exploring fantasies.

Our lingerie items are awe-inspiring, with core lines such as stockings and suspenders available at highly modest prices. However, we never compromise on quality. Our clothing garments are produced with precision and durability. So, even when your customers are ripping these items off, they’ll still stay in one piece!

We also have cheeky items such as luminous apparel and slogan-printed underwear, which offer customers something a little different to throw in their basket!

Every one of our underwear products is designed with style in mind. So, even though less is more in this department, the bits that are on show will still look amazing! We have over 30 separate garments in our dedicated lingerie section. So, shop today to discover extravagant lingerie at not so extravagant prices!

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