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Male Sex Toys (196)

The male adult toy market has grown exponentially in recent years, so don’t miss out on this increasingly lucrative opportunity! We stock an impressive array of male-themed erotic accessories and cover all niches, preferences, and key departments in this space.  

As males start to become more liberalized in their approach to sex, the industry has begun to experiment with more intriguing and dynamic products. These include vibrating cock rings, highly-developed masturbating simulators, and appendage enhancements. And guess what? XToysWholesale.com has got the lot!

Minimum order quantities don’t shackle our products. Therefore, whether you want to tentatively trial or commit to buying in bulk, we can accommodate your request. As with all of our category departments, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better price in the market.

Be sure to delight all of your customers who browse your store, regardless of gender! Purchase your complete catalog of male sex toys from our comprehensive suite of products today. 

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